FD’s Salt and Pepper Ribs ‘n’ Wings Combo

19 Feb


Well this is a turn up for the books ! I’m guessing you’ve all been fretting like mad wondering where the hell I’ve been … I bet you’ve had many a sleepless night worrying if I’d ever pop back on here to show you more of my simple tasty ideas for cooking at home …
I imagine you’ve shed tears … Bitten nails … Kicked cats … And tossed the kids favourite toys onto the fire to relieve the stress ….

What ?

You haven’t ?

Oh ! …. What a bummer !

Never mind !!

Back to the pans then !
You know when you get the urge for something you simply have to have ? Well I had that the other day, and these babies were the result.
I should warn you in advance , I’m doing this post on my iPad which means it won’t be as ‘Gucci’ as usual, (to be honest, I’m bored shitless during a moment of rare ‘downtime’ at work, so I thought, “What the Hell ! I’ll post a foodie thing and see what happens!).

So as you’ve guessed, the main starting point for this was to get hold of some decent meaty ‘short’ Pork Ribs , ( I went to my second home, Tesco, and bought a full rack for £3.50 and trimmed and halved them myself), along with a stack of Chicken Wings, ( £3.25 at Tesco’s Emporium of Two Stripe Value!).

Then the marinade, simple as ever :
2 tablespoons of Cornflour
1 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice
1 tablespoon of water

That’s the ratio, just make as much as you need to coat all the meat in the thick gloopy mixture.
It’s a good time to wonder at the marvel of Cornflour at this point. You know that thing where you add just the right amount of water so that it solidifies as you try and stir it, yet turns back to liquid when you leave it !
Always puzzled me that ! (So if you know the reason why it does then please tell me!)

Anyway, coat everything liberally in the mix, and leave it for at least 3 hours, that’s important to impart the flavour, and tenderise the meat.
Whilst it’s resting, make up your Salt and Pepper mix. The ratio for this needs to be :
1 tablespoon Szechuan Peppercorns
1 teaspoon Cornish Sea Salt (or a good rock salt)
1 finely shredded red chilli
5 thinly sliced Spring Onions

Roast off the pepper in a frying pan to release the aromas and essential oils, then grind it in a Pestle and Mortar with the Sea Salt and leave to one side.

Ok, 3 hours have passed now, (and you’ve quaffed a beer or six to pass the time!) so it’s time to get cooking .

Heat up the deep fat fryer, and whack the oven onto 220 to get nice and hot.
Give all the ribs and wings a final toss in the marinade, then fry them off in batches for 3-4 minutes until they are crispy and golden, (I did the ribs and the wings separate to ensure they cooked evenly). Once fried, into the oven for 10-15 minutes to cook through.
Then fire up the wok until it reaches ‘solar’ heat, then lob in the ribs and wings together with the ground salt and pepper and the sliced chillies and spring onions. Time for a good old toss, (don’t take too long or your food will burn 😉).
Then as it’s all crispy and sizzling, a couple of dashes of Soy Sauce, a final toss in the wok, and into a nice big serving dish with a pile of kitchen roll and some finger-bowls, and a raft of ice cold beer!


As my good friend Huan Tsi Cheung from the local takeaway said when he tried this …
” Floydsdad, that’s reet bloody tasty son!”
(He’s lived in Oldham for 38 years!)

I served this with a good old dollop of my “Piss Easy Pad Thai” which I know a few of you have tried and enjoyed. The recipe for that is on here, and on the “CookSomething” app which is are really snazzy place, (so get over there and get ‘liking’ my stuff!)

So, as ever , have a go, and I hope you like them. Feel free to leave a comment below, it’s always nice to read them!
Who knows …. I might even crawl back out from under my stone and do a few more !
Enjoy ! FD 🙂


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