Piss Easy Pad Thai

5 Jan

I thought when I posted  the last dish, “Don’t be a barnpot FD, hardly anyone likes liver!”, (and so it seems to be), but I really enjoy that dish, so on it went. This little baby however surely must be a little more ‘popular’, I mean, who doesn’t like Thai Food? Even more so when it’s cooked fresh like this. It may look a little fiddly at first, but if you prep everything up, it’s a belting dinner party dish. Ideally, you want to let your guests see you making each one individually, (it’s far better), and you can crash and bang around in your wok to create the impression you’ve half an idea what your doing! …. (That’s all I ever do!)

Preparation is the key here, get everything ready, and it's less than 5 minutes cooking..

Preparation is the key here, get everything ready, and it’s less than 5 minutes cooking..

So a quick ‘Spin around the ingredients’ as the Master famously used to say! We have a slack handful of Sharwoods ‘Ready to Wok’ Thai Ribbon Noodles, a bowl of Pad Thai sauce, (which I made from scratch, I’ll tell you how in a minute), a nice large free range egg, (preferably from somewhere like ‘The Collins Egg Company’ who supply the best eggs ever!), 8 fresh raw prawns, de-veined and butterflied so they spread out all fancy in the pan! Traditionally, you would use Chicken breast fillets, sliced up nice and thin, (but I’m a sucker for Duck, and these were on offer!), then on the plate we have 3 sliced spring onions, 1 sliced green chilli, 1 plump garlic cloved sliced really thinly but not chopped, a fistful of fresh Corriander, chopped up, stalks and all ! Then I bought a ready mixed ‘Thai Stir Fry’ from Tesco and just fished out the beansprouts and carrots, (only because I couldn’t be arsed chopping them myself!), a lime, cut into wedges, and a few left over wild mushrooms. Finally in the centre, a slack handful of salted peanuts, which you roast off in a pan, and then roughly chop.

Ok, the Pad Thai Sauce, this is the flavour bit, and I’ve faffed around buying ready made stuff to try and match the best I’ve ever tasted, (which coincidentally came from the Lana Thai take-away in Oldham, although they have now moved to Heaton Chapel) and failed miserably. So I asked them, and this is what they told me!

Firstly, 3 Tablespoons of ‘Thai Fish Sauce’ (I use ‘Squid Brand’ from Tesco), 3 Tablespoons of Tamarind Paste,(again Tesco sell a jar for £1.99 which will do you two lots), to that you add 3 tablespoons of light brown muscovado sugar, the juice of a lime and a dash of water. Mix all these together, and you have a batch of sauce. You won’t use it all, just enough to ‘coat’ everything, and definately don’t overdo it, as it packs a bittersweet punch which can overtake the whole dish if you’re not careful !

Get the pan ridiculously hot, (it looks more impressive!)...

Get the pan ridiculously hot, (it looks more impressive!)…

So, everything set? Drink in hand? Guests sat at the table dribbling at the prospect? (If they are, you might want to think about who you invite round!) Get yourself a nice heavy wok, and heat it up until it’s rivets bleed! Seriously hot! Throw in a generous glug or three of Olive oil, and in with your Chicken, (Duck in my case), give it a minute or so to take a bit of colour, then launch in the wild mushrooms, and the prawns, and watch as they curl up and go nice and pink. Once that happens, scoop everything out and put it in a warm bowl and set aside.

quality eggs are a must ! Look at the colour of these babies..

quality eggs are a must ! Look at the colour of these babies..

Then whack into the pan, the spring snions, the garlic, chilli, beansprouts and carrots, and give it a right royal bashing in the wok, shake it as vigourously as you can, toss it around and look serious, (the guests will love it!). Chuck in almost all the peanuts, and almost all of the corriander, and take the pan off the heat. Time to chill, tip in the beaten egg, and leave the pan off the heat whilst you top up your drink, and make something up about the meaning of ‘Pad Thai’ to amuse and bemuse your guests for about a minute. They’ll be amazed at how you can appear so chilled whilst in the middle of a ‘Wok Frenzy’ of a dish !  What should happen is that without trying, you’ll have created a ‘mini omlette’, which will still be a bit sloppy, so start your ‘over the top’ wok antics again to break it all up.

Almost there, break the noodles up, and get that tossing action going again...

Almost there, break the noodles up, and get that tossing action going again…

Now, once that’s done, break up the noodles, and add them to the pan, with the the Chicken and Prawns and stuff from the bowl, give it all a quick toss, then slowly pour in your ready made Pad Thai sauce. The key word here is ‘slowly’, you just want to give it a light coating, and that will depend on how big your ‘slack handfuls’ have been, once it’s nicely coated, give it two or three ‘showboat tosses’ in the pan to bring it all together, and get ready to serve!

Served with fresh wedges of lime, (minus one for the beer!)...

Served with fresh wedges of lime, (minus one for the beer!)…

It might seem complicated, but if you’ve got your prep right, and you’ve made enough of a showboat with your cooking style, by now your guests will be eating out of the palm of your hand! Of course that’s not the way we’re serving it, so get a plate nice and warm, and then carefully tip out the dish onto your plate, give it a full ‘Ainsley Harriot drop from on high’ with the remaining nuts and corriander, and there you have it, a super healthy, super tasty, super authentic Pad Thai. Try it, you’ll love it, and of course it has to be served with a well chilled Tiger Beer. Unfortunately, all I had was Stella 4, but you get the drift!

Pad Thai …. I told you…. It’s piss easy !!!…If you give it a go, let me know! More importantly, tell me what you want to see me cook. I’ll have a go at anything. Please leave a comment, (good or bad!) using the link below. If you’re too shy to do that, just click on the ‘like’ button, and please share this with your chums via the ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ buttons. If any of you ‘WordPressers’ out there want to ‘Press’ this then I least I’ll find out what it means!)

Laters Peeps ! FD :@)

FD :@)


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